I designed and fabricated an EMT frame to support a winter cover with the complex ketch rig in place. The verticals are outboard of the teak cap railing, using stanchion standoffs, to prevent chaffing.


I also formed a ridge pole bend around each of the two masts and was contoured over the bow pulpit and canoe stern. The conduit pipe is surprisingly strong and easy to work with.

Additionally, I cut strips of bicycle inner tube as a protective cushion between all stainless railing and the clamp assemblies. I could post more pics and design drawings if anyone's interested.


The plan is to stitch together a fabric cover using zippers, grometted laces and waterproof boots at all rig penetrations - if I ever find the time to complete it. Last season however, I had a shrinkwrapper cover the metal frame.


Several vertical posts were needed for support along the length of ridge pipe. These were clamped at the top and rested on temporary battens at the base. This year, I'm using rubber crutch tips to protect the teak deck.

There is full height deck walking clearance along the entire boat, due to using bent 10 ft. ribs on each side of the ridge.

Detail of the bow pulpit vertical support clamp.

Typical vertical rib attachment at each stanchion:

I removed the mizzen boom and placed it on deck, but the main boom stayed connected to the main mast. The ridge bends at each mast enabled a continuous structural ridge without having to form mast attachment points.

Additionally, the shrinkwrap has several V-shaped air vents to allow for ventilation and a side access reusable zippered door. Hopefully the fabric cover will be done before winter, to save the expense of shrinkwrapping.